Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Happy New Year

It's very late, but Happy New Year. The New Year is a time for us to reflect on the old and move on to a fresh new beginning.

Here's a quick look at how I started http://thejersymikejrshow.wordpress.com/2009/08/26/hello-world/

It would be a short while later that I would team with Chad Potier and James King III whom I meant via twitter to form ThaSPORTSKRIB on blogtalkradio.com. The three of us would learn from each other and of course through trial and error. We built relationships with pretty important people and with aspiring up and comers like ourselves.

So what's in store for us now at ThaSPORTSKRIB? A new website, some sponsors and we have new partners. Joining us now are the guys from UrbanSportsScene. They have their own podcast http://waleo.podbean.com/ and can be found on twitter http://twitter.com/UrbanSportsScene. These focus on all things sports related pertaining to the DC/Maryland/VA area.

When I first partnered with James (WCSteelerfan) to begin ThaSPORTSKRIB we both had a vision of being different from mainstream sports talk radio shows. We wanted to talk about sports that didn't really get much time in the spotlight. Boxing was one of those sports. My "Thru The Ropes" segment was installed as soon as we became a 2 hour show. The guys at ATG Radio http://atgradio.com/ have also partnered with ThaSPORTSKRIB. Andrew Hartley and Frank Stea will be jumping off and on, but they will have a hand in obtaining most of the guests appearing on the segment.

The readers of this blog I thank you. The week in and week out listeners of the show I'd like to thank you as well. This wouldn't be possible without you.

Mainly the fellows that distill my favorite drink firefly vodka (http://fireflyvodka.com/). Jump on that website to get cocktail ideas, drinks of the week, prizes and other fun stuff.

Don't forget to check out official SPORTSKRIB HOT HONEY Victoria Hampton (http://twitter.com/VeeTheModel). She's gorgeous and working on a tour for models and has a book out that's a must read! For more info follow her on twitter or visit her site http://VeeTheModel.com

Thursday, December 16, 2010


We have a great show planned tonight! We will first start off with Shane our resident Fantasy Football expert. He will be letting you know who to start and who to sit as we enter the crucial part of the fantasy football playoffs or league championship games. As fantasy football comes to an end look for Shane here (@Fsportsguy on twitter) to help you with all fantasy sports. Numbers to the show are 718-506-1506.

Next we have new comer Wally from Urban Sports Scene also on Blogtalkradio (@UrbanSportsScene). Wally wil be joining us for the first time to talk current sports topics including but not limited to; who's hot in the world of NCAA basketball and the NBA, Urban Meyer stepping down and Will Muschamp's hiring, etc.

We were originally suppose to be joined by Charlene May for the Thru The Ropes segment, but now we will be joined by Rope-A-Dope co host Chris Carlson. Carlson's show is on Wednesdays from 9-11pm EST. Join them as they talk all things boxing. Carlson and myself will break down all the action from over the weekend and up and coming fights, plus the breaking news of the arrest warrant for Floyd Mayweather Jr.

This hasn't been done in a while but lets do it. This weeks unofficial HOT HONEY is Gail. Follow her on twitter (http://tiwtter.com/just_gail) or add her on facebook (http://facebook.com/Gail818). Don't forget to follow official HOT HONEYs Victoria Hampton (http://VeeTheModel.webs.com).

Monday, December 13, 2010

The JMJ S.O.T.W.

Smack #2

Its been a while since I've done this so allow me to reintroduce it in case you forgot. This is the JersyMikeJr Smack of the Week where I tee up anyone and everyone who deserves a chop for a quote, action or possible nothing...I just can't stand 'em!

My 1st Smack of the Week went to Jim Rome for butchering South Carolinas geography and just being an overall jack wagon about them wanting to be known as USC. In the passing months, Rome has nothing to endear me and will therefore wind up here again soon.

However, tonight I have bigger fish to fry. This weeks' Smack goes to Jets strength and conditioning coach Sal Alosi. In case you missed it take a minute to view it here

Video clearly shows Alosi extending his knee just enough to trip up an unsuspecting Nolan Carroll. The action was cheap, careless, selfish and downright dirty! In a public apology a momments ago Alosi was remorseful, but the damage has been done. When you see a 200 pound man running past you in full pads the natural reaction is to step back or get out of the way.
There were many candidates for the Smack of the Week, but Alosi earns it hands down. You can view this or more on youtube under Jeff Darlington and follow him on twitter @Jeff_Darlington.

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Let the Fantasy Football playoffs begin! It has been a long season filled with unexpected injuries and more twist and turns then a Connecticut side road. We have seen Chris Johnson, the consensus number one pick, struggle this season. We have also witnessed undrafted players like Peyton Hillis and Brandon Lloyd turn into fantasy powerhouses. If you are still interested in your fantasy football team then congratulations, because it is playoff time. Whether you limped into the postseason or you’re a top seed, the chase is on for the league title. It doesn’t matter if you are playing for bragging rights or a cash prize; it’s always fun to win the title! Here are some things to keep in mind when setting your roster for the next couple of weeks.

Play the Matchups
As a rule, always play the players that you counted on all year long, regardless of who they are playing. When it comes to those positions that you are not sure who to start then you should play the match up. We all know who the good defenses are and who the good offenses are. Use this information to your advantage. Also, be sure to pay attention to the weather where the game is being played. The biggest enemy to a pass attack is high wind and if you start a QB or WR in that situation you will be in trouble. Finally, use your players to help counter an opposing QB or WR. There is nothing worse then watching an opposing owners QB throw to a WR on your bench. Like I said before, go with the guys that got you to this point, but use the ideas above to help filter through players to start in your Flex or second RB/WR positions.

Keep One Eye on the NFL and the Other on the Waiver Wires
There are so many teams still alive to make the NFL playoffs but as the games get played that picture becomes clearer and clearer. There will be a team or two that will clinch a spot in the postseason before there done playing regular season games. If this happens then the starters tend to play less to avoid injury. Don’t let this catch you off guard, make sure you have quality back ups at QB and RB just in case. The waiver wires are your only option to add players to your team, and as we are all painfully aware of, an injury can happen on any play. This is another reason to use the waivers to grab all the quality back ups you have room for.

Post Season Waiver Wire Sleepers

James Starks RB Green Bay
When Ryan Grant suffered an injury early in the season we all thought that Brandon Jackson would step in and be successful. After a couple of games we realized that Jackson was not the producer we thought he would be. The trade deadline came and passed and the Packers did not make a move for a RB and Starks was the reason they didn’t. The rookie RB started the season on the PUP list but was activated and saw his first action on Sunday. He played well; rushing for over 73 yards on a team high 17 carries. He does have a history of injury and is a rookie but this kid could be difference for the Packers and fantasy football owners. I have mentioned this kid before and after watching some film on him I am convinced that, if he can stay healthy, he will be the guy in GB for sometime. Other RB’s to add are Tashard Choice, Pierre Thomas, Javarris James, James Davis, Javarris James, and Michael Bush.

Jacoby Ford WR Oakland
Ford has really started to prove that he’s not a one game wonder. He has scored in two straight games and has totaled 13 catches for 287 yards since landing more playing time. This week he faces a Jaguars pass defense that's allowed 22 passing touchdowns on the season including 15 to wide receivers. He returns kicks so if your league rewards points to the player for returns, he is a great flex option. Other WR’s to add are Earl Bennant, Donald Driver, Danny Amendola, Hines Ward and Ben Obomanu.

Ed Dickson TE Ravens
The TE position has been a thorn in the side of all Fantasy Owners this year. Besides San Diego’s Antonio Gates, there haven’t been any reliable or consistent options. Baltimore’s long time starting TE, Todd Heap, suffered a hamstring injury last week and is out for the foreseeable future. Dickson was targeted seven times and had three catches for 21 yards once Heap went down. The Ravens like to use their TE and Dickson will see his share of passes. If you are going against Flacco this week and don’t have a reliable TE, Dickson is your guy. Other TE’s to add are, Rob Gronkowski, Joel Dresson and John Carlson.

As for QB, it will be hard to find anyone on waivers that you can trust to start. My advice is to go with your starter and add the best QB you can find on waivers just in case your starter goes down to injury. If your playing this week then congrats and good luck. Do what you can to get a win this week your season depends on it!

Show tonight

ThaSPORTSKRIB would love to thank Charlene May for this wonderful promo on our show tonight. Charlene will be helping Jersy Mike Jr host the Thru The Ropes segement of ThaSPORTSKRIB. Please follow Charlene on twitter and facebook @CharleneMay.

SHOWTIME Sports is proving to be the Champion of Boxing by giving fans what they want, innovative boxing tournaments with the “best fighting the best.”
This Saturday, December 11, tune in and become addicted to tournament style boxing, as well as the bantamweight division, a division that is fast, powerful, and exciting to watch. It will be a night of entertainment that will leave you hungry for more as the tournament continues in early 2011.
The tournament consists of the fabulous four, Abner Mares, Yonnhy Perez, Joseph Agbeko and Vic Darchinyan. Four talented fast and powerful boxers fighting to be crowned the champion of the bantamweight division.
The tournament is a two- round, single-elimination tournament. Winner takes all. The first leg of the tournament kicks off Saturday in Tacoma, Washington, SHOWTIME Sports will televise the single-elimination bantamweight tournament at 9 PM, ET/PT with a match-up between Yonnhy Perez and Joseph Agbeko. The night will continue with more boxing entertainment as Vic Darchinyan and Abner Mares step in the square circle to face off in what is being dubbed the most anticipated bout of the evening.
This Thursday, December 9, 2010, I invite sports fans to join us as we go “Thru the Ropes” on Blog Talk Radio. I will co-host the show with Jersymike Jr. to kick off the explosive SHOWTIME Tournament “Fan Style” as we speak with special guests Frank Espinoza Jr., and Boxing Analyst, Corey Erdman.
Frank Espinoza Jr., of Espinoza Boxing Club, the management team for Abner Mares and Yonnhy Perez, two of the tournament’s fabulous four fighters is taking time from his busy schedule to join us remotely from Tacoma, as his team prepares for Saturday.
Espinoza is regarded as one of the top management teams in the boxing industry with a unique culture that has set the team apart from others.
You will not want to miss this special episode of “Thru the Ropes” as Espinoza shares details and the long journey of fighters, Mares and Perez, as they have arrived to face the biggest moment in their career, thus far.
Also joining us will be Special Guest, Corey Erdman, boxing analyst. Corey Erdman is the producer of the Morning Jones Show at The Score, a National television network based in Canada. He is also the co-host and producer of Pound 4-Pound Radio on SIRIUS 98. Pound 4-Pound Radio is the only weekly boxing program airing across North America on the XM Radio.
Erdman is also a freelance boxing journalist. He is often a special guest for televised boxing events. Erdman has worked with some of the biggest and best names in boxing. We are honored that he will be joining us from Canada to join in the discussion, as he speaks about the upcoming tournament, fighters, and the future of boxing. You will not want to miss this week’s “Thru the Ropes” kicking off the Bantamweight Tournament “Fan Style”
The Bantamweight Tournament is this Saturday night, December 11, 2010 on SHOWTIME Sports at
Thru the Ropes begins at 10 PM, ET/7 PT. Boxing fans can call: 718-506-1506 the show will be live at www.blogtalkradio.com/wcsteelerfan
Here’s to hoping you’re picking up what I’m putting down!


Thursday, November 4, 2010


What a show we have tonight! Chad Potier does his final In The Dugout segment for the year as the San Francisco Giants have won the World Series. You can keep up with Mr. Potier here http://HereWeGeaux.blogspot.com.

Following the In The Dugout segment, we will be joined by James Reid from http://startingfantasylineup.com the Fantasy Football player's guide to dominating your league. Big Jim will take all questions, breakdown Week 9 match ups and tell you who to drop and who to pick up. Don't forget to check out Jody Smith's site as well for further guidance (http://gridironexperts.com).

Lisa Horne and Kevin Paul from FoxSports will join us to break down the BCS and all things college football. We will also feature a surprise guest who will be making a case for a certain non-BCS school. You don't want to miss this as things could get a little ugly, controversial and out of hand. We wouldn't have any less at ThaSPORTSKRIB.

Finally we go Thru The Ropes with Charlene May, returning from an illness that sidelined her last week. We will break down the Judah-Matthysse, Lopez-Marquez and Pacquiao-Margarito fights. We will also interview Holly "Lil Bear" Lawson on the heels of her pro debut. There's plenty of controversy to go around here as well.

We also have a couple of special guests including Chicago Louie who breaks down all things sports related to the Windy City. Model and official Krib HOT HONEY Victoria Hampton (@VeeTheModel on twitter) joins us to give listeners a different outlook on the entertainment industry.

Yo definitely don't want to miss this. Tomorrow I will reinstall my Smack of the Week so be on the look out for that. ThaSPORTSKRIB would like to thank all our faithful listeners, callers and contributors. We wold also like to shoutout Shane our new Fantasy sports blogger.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Lost Romo?

Week 8
Before the season started the Cowboys were a strong possibility to be the first team to play in the Super Bowl they are hosting. Any notion of a Cowboy Super Bowl home game faded on Monday night, when QB Tony Romo broke his collar bone. He will be sidelined for 6-8 weeks, and since the Cowboy’s record is 1-5, it’s difficult to see him playing again in 2010. This leaves Fantasy Football owners dealing with another disastrous injury to deal with!
Chances are you drafted Romo fairly early this summer and now you are scrambling to save your season. It’s obvious that the Romo owner has two options; make a trade or the waiver wire. If your plan is to find someone to trade you a QB, consider the market and your situation. I am sure as soon as Romo went down people were lining up at the door trying to sell you a QB, I know I would. If you are going to trade do not make the mistake of paying a high price for an elite QB. I know it’s difficult to see a top 10 player go down. I can understand your first reaction is to find a player with comparable production to replace him, but the truth of the matter is that to do so you will have to pay a high price. You do not want to take a player like Chris Johnson or Adrian Peterson and trade them for an elite QB. If you do this you will be in the same position you are now, except RB will be your weakness instead of QB.  Instead, find the owner who has some extra QB’s on his bench and make him a reasonable offer that would strengthen a weakness on his team.
I would encourage all Romo owners to explore the waiver wires to find a starter, or add depth at the QB position.  When you explore your options look at recent performances and strength of the players upcoming schedule. A QB that is likely on waivers, that have a favorable schedule and has recently played well is Matt Cassel of the Chiefs. If the thought of Cassel starting as your QB for the rest of the year scares you, there are two other options I would recommend. One is Matt Stafford of the Lions. He is back after a week one shoulder injury and he has Calvin Johnson to throw to.
The other is a stud QB that has gone relatively unnoticed for the numbers he has been posting. That QB is Ryan Fitzpatrick of the Buffalo Bills. I know what you are thinking but do not let the team he plays for influence your decision to start him. Fitzpatrick has been on fire since taking over for the ineffective Trent Edwards, and he is not the reason the Bills are 0-6. My reasoning behind recommending him as a viable replacement is that if the Bills want to win a game or two this year then they have no choice but to throw the ball. If you think about it even if they are losing they have to throw the ball. As long as he can stay away from the interception it’s a win, win situation.

A couple weeks ago I wrotethat now was the time to sell high on Broncos QB Kyle Orton, I got a ton of negative feedback for that call. I think his days of posting 20+ point games are over, I thought that two weeks ago and if I owned Orton then I would contact who ever owns Romo. Are we ready to give up on Chargers RB Ryan Mathews? Sounds like San Diego is losing patience with the rookie and Tolbert owners are inline for an increase in production if Mathews can not get the job done. Anyone else afraid of the emergence of Ravens RB Willis McGahee? If you own Ray Rice then the answer is YES, and you should be concerned. Rice does not look like the same back we fell in love with in 2009. He looks like he is not hitting the hole as hard or fast as last year, and McGahee is taking advantage of Rice’s tepidness.
Lineup decisions can mean the difference between a win and loss. Take last week for example; if you own Darren McFadden, did you start him? If you did a round of applause is in order, because you are one of a selected few who did. McFadden himself stated that if he did play he was only going to be around 70% effective. In the world of fantasy sports 70% effective equals a week on the bench. He proceeded to explode for a 40 point fantasy day!
The Chiefs scored some points this weekend, granted it was against Jacksonville but it is nice to see Cassel, Bowe and company take care of business. Sleeper alert: the Chiefs seem to be opening up the playbook running some plays for RB/WR Dexter McCluster, something to keep an eye on.